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Saturday, 10 November 2018

leonard cheptumo

Sad story of KCSE student admitted at ICU immediately before KCSE started

A form four student who is supposed to be sitting for her KCSE is currently fighting for her life at the Agakhan University Hospital ICU.

An ever happy Nikita Sally Koyier, who is a student at Alliance Girls High School was accompanied by her family during this year's Prayers Day with them wearing her uniform as a way to show that they were into this together.
Nikita started experiencing frequent Migraines which became so severe that she started losing the cognitive ability to fall asleep. With the situation worsening, The School's Health Facility called the parents who took her to MP Shah Hospital.

After visiting the MP Shah Hospital, they were referred to the Agakhan Hospital where she is currently on admission at the facility's Intensive Care Unit.
However, the doctors are yet to diagnose her with any ailment and her hospital bill has been rising to  KSh. 6.9 Million as of Sunday 4th November, with doctors stating that the bill could skyrocket even further to a prospective  KSh. 10.9 Million in the next three weeks when her doctors are supposed to make a diagnosis.

Family and friends, who have stood by their baby girl all this time are therefore calling on anyone with Goodwill to help them raise the money. One or two people may not be able to come up with an amount that huge, but when many people come together with the little they have when many drops come together, a mighty river takes its course.

The bill is about 10 million now,read how you can contribute below

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