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Monday, 18 March 2019

Kenya news

Chilling message Kakamega AP officer wrote before killing wife Who is a high school teacher

The murder of Christine Maonga continues to baffle investigators.
An AP officer based in Kakamega killed his wife after their love relationship turned soar.

The police officer is currently in custody.
Information reaching us, shows that the AP Officer had been suicidal for a long time.
Here is one of the messages he posted on nis Facebook page.
"Is there any wrogh someone to commit suiced becoz of love?....whoever lives by the sword,,,dies by the sword and whoever lives by the GUN,,,dies by the."
This was back in 2017.Those who knew the couple, confined to us, that their marital problems started back in 2017.
Christine is said to have met another person while doing her degree. She graduated in 2017 and managed to secure a job few months later.
She fell in love with that other person and wanted to end things with Patrick, the AP Officer, whom together they have a 3 year old daughter.
This latest turn of events angared Patrick and he resorted to killing her by shooting her more than 20 times.
Looking at Patrick Facebook page he had harbored suicidal thoughts since 2013 and had posted numerous times about plans to end his life because of love.

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