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Monday, 18 March 2019

Kenya news

Mistress from hell:After killing his wife Judy Wangui Causes Joseph kori more pain by her actions when they were both locked up

Joseph kori has suffered double tragedy from his mistress judy Wangui.
Kori had been locked up together with Judy after both were suspected to have master minded the Killing of Mary kamangara.
Joseph Kori was later acquitted and is now a state witness.

After being released, Joseph Kori Karue was shocked. 
Judy Wangui,who is accused of killing Joseph Kori’s wife, Mary Wambui, has changed the ownership of a car Kori bought to her name. Kori, through his lawyer Harrison Thimba filed a complaint that Wangui colluded with other people to transfer the ownership documents of a white Mercedes Benz saloon car, KCR 898L while in custody.

He further told the court that he had allegedly bought the car for Wangui but chose to maintain the documents in his name.The car which was identical to his wife’s vehicle KCR 898L, had been detained at Juja police station and it is upon his release that Kori discovered the transfer of ownership.

Thimba told the court, “The motor vehicle belonging to my client (Kori) has been released, the only pending issue is about the other motor vehicle KCR 898L, which was illegally transferred to Judy (Wangui) when my client was in custody.”

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